Monday, March 16, 2015

Haiti Medical Mission 2015: Success!

What an absolutely successful trip we had. Two physicians, four nurses,Two  pastors, and others with plenty of previous Third World experience.
We also were able to immunize the orphan children under age 7 against some of the most serious worldwide illnesses.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Night Before-2015 Trip

Shacking up at the hotel by Dulles Airport, 9 hours before takeoff for mission #5; very excited, will try to post pics on the fly. We have a superb group this year- 2 ER docs, 4 RNs, our annual spiritual leaders, and a Peace Corps alumnus.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Another Appeal for Funds....

In February I shall be embarking on my 4th medical mission to Haiti. For those who are not aware, I began traveling to Haiti in 2010 after I found a local group going to do relief work there after the devastating earthquake; I signed up. One thing led to another and now I have become a regular fixture on the landscape of the country's interior highlands. About 80 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince (a bumpy 4-hour bus ride!) sit the small villages of LeJeune and Pignon, as well as the orphanage in which I set up my medical clinic. I have developed a strong relationship and friendship with the local Pastor who runs the orphanage and many of the local townsfolk. Pastor Geordany Joseph and his wife Nerlande find, nourish, clothe, and minister to the 40 or so Mt. Carmel orphans, most of whom are picked up as abandoned children on the streets of Port-au-Prince. Their ages range from 2 to 17. He does all he can to give these children a safe place to grow, learn, and eventually leave to become happy and productive citizens. I personally am assisting to sponsor one of his "flock" through medical school, Renel. He someday hopes to take over as village doctor.

 This year I travel with a motivated and talented crew of 12 others- nurses, medical assistants, paramedics, and others. We usually set up in the back of the orphanage's church and have clinic sunup to sundown daily while we are there. Last year we also traveled to a more remote area, where to me it looked like people had never received any medical care. We examine and treat what we can until our supplies run out. After-hours are spent helping teach and improve farming, composting, electrical repair, automotive repair, and sanitation...and of course, playing with the children.

 As with any small unaffiliated mission group, funds are always an issue. Many of those involved give regularly but the costs of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies limit us. This is why I appeal to your generosity to help us with our mission by considering a contribution. 100% of funds go DIRECTLY towards the purchase of medications, medical supplies, eyeglasses, vitamins, hygiene needs, beans, rice, and shoes. We cover the entire cost of our own travel expenses and incidentals. We want any money raised going to improve the lives of the orphans and village we have adopted as our own --without any administrative expenses whatsoever.

Ways to give:
*Tax deductible: A check to Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren, with memo "2014 Haiti Mission." 2788 Taylor Spring Ln, Harrisonburg 22801, "Attention: Haiti Mission"

* In the upper right is a Paypal link to make a donation. !

*If you feel comfortable, you may send a check directly to me. Email me and I would send you my physical address.

Adopting one small town in one impoverished country is already making a difference. Every year I return I see the kids stronger, healthier, happier. Many orphans who "graduate" go on and become house mothers, helpers, teachers...and in a couple of cases, nurses and future doctors. I would be wonderful to count you in on this truly blessed ongoing mission.

Best regards,
Eric Kramer

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bake Sale Success!

Thanks to the hard work of nurse Jill Young, as well as Kathy, Diane, Kory, Jane, Wayne, and the many others who contributed their time and baking skills, we raised over $1200 for the Haiti clinic! As I always like to point out, every dollar raised goes DIRECTLY to improving the health and lives of the orphans and local townspeople in the  form of meds, supplies, beans, rice, auto parts, electrical, hygiene, & sanitation needs. NO  money is spent on any administrative or missionary travel costs or trip requirements. So again.....THANK YOU!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Ton of 2013 Trip Pics...

I was a tad neglectful in getting some photos of the 2013 trip up after we returned last time, but here are a few-

I realized I never really did post the bulk of the nicer pictures from our 2013 trip, so here they are-

Charity Bake Sale

The nurses in the emergency department are putting on a bake sale to benefit our Haiti mission. Last year we did this and we were able to Raise Enough to cover Quite a few of our medical expenses For the clinic:

 Thursday, January 16

 In the hospital common area on the first floor overlooking the cafeteria

 Come by-and-by some treats but the good stuff might be gone by midday. You are also welcome to make something and bring it for sale, Or just stop by to say hello and look through our Haiti albums from the past.....